Intensive Care Herald was founded by intensive care experts A.I. Saltanov, E.S. Gorobets, A.Yu. Kolomiiskii, A.A. Sovetov, and L.E. Tsypin. Prof. V.N. Semenov, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, promoted the creation of the journal. The reason behind this action was the desire to create a periodical with practical guide to intensive care that has been recently practised in virtually all branches of clinical medicine. The disadvantaged situation of a few journals due to financing gap for “Meditsina” Publishing House prompted creation of Intensive Care Herald. Furthermore, in the early 1990s an information vacuum prevailed in this country resulting from a very limited amount of specialist literature published. At that time the only periodical in our professional branch was Anesteziologiya i reanimatologiya.

The editorial board of Intensive Care Herald was set up in the end of 1991 and included A.I. Saltanov, Editor-in-Chief, and I.A. Makarcheva, Managing Editor. Administrative and editorial boards were organised. The administrative board was abolished later. The first issue was published in the end of 1992. O.B. Rapoport, E.G. Buzlanov, A.Yu. Kolomiiskii considerably contributed to the publishing of the first and subsequent issues. From the readers’ point of view, recognized competence of the authors of the first issue cannot be overestimated. They were well-known scientists A.P. Zilber, V.N. Semenov, A.I. Levshankov, and others.

Whereas Anesteziologiya i reanimatologiya is an academic journal, Intensive Care Herald mainly deals with practical subjects, which does not preclude, however, publishing of scientific publications, preferably literature reviews, lectures, guidelines. The journal contains articles dealing with various aspects of intensive care and anesthesiology, i.e. cardiology, obstetrics, pediatrics, suppurative and septic complications. In recent years much emphasis is placed on neurointensive care, respiratory support, infusion and transfusion therapy, clinical nutrition, pain therapy, etc.

Readers showed great interest in Intensive Care Herald at quite an early stage beginning with the first issue. They sent letters to the editors suggesting other essential subjects. Many Departments of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine of universities in Russia acquired the journal for their students, some of them studied the contents of the published articles within their teaching process.

In 2018 the journal changed its name to Alexander Saltanov Intensive Care Herald. It is published four times a year.

The journal is registered at the Federal Service for Supervision of Mass Media and Protection of Cultural Heritage.

ISSN Online 1818-474X

About the Publishing House

The Publishing House Prakticheskaya Meditsina (Practical Medicine) was founded in 2004 as a joint project of healthcare professionals and specialists in the field of publishing. Our aim is to publish high-quality books quickly and inexpensively.

Errors made in medical books can lead to other, more serious mistakes, namely, medical errors. This fact imposes a greater responsibility on publishers, therefore, each book published by the Publishing House underwent obligatory scientific editing and proofreading. Subsequent stages include technical editing, individual layout design, and monitoring of the printing process at all its stages.

Over recent years, we have developed into a Publishing House that works in several areas: books, journals, and translation of foreign books and journals. Our stand has been exposed in the largest book fairs in London and Frankfurt.

We are always open to effective cooperation and we will be glad to see highly qualified professionals among our authors.