issue 1/2016

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Sepsis and liver dysfunction: state of the art (review)

S.P. Sviridova, Yu.I. Patyutko, A.V. Sotnikov

Level of consciousness evaluation during anesthesia in pediatric patients (review)

L.E. Tsypin, A.A. Ovchinnikova

Feasibility of extracorporeal hemocorrection in oncologic patients with paraneoplastic syndromes

E.G. Gromova

The problem of choosing methods of anesthesia and a decline in perioperative pharmacological upload in patients with tumors of chiasmatic-sellar region of patients operated by endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal surgery

A.B. Kurnosov, A.V. Schmigelskiy, P.L. Kalinin et. al.

Remaxol dose-dependent effect on central hemodynamics and metabolism in generalized peritonitis

Yu.P. Orlov, V.N. Lukach, N.V. Govorova et al.

Efficacy and safety of sevoflurane during brain aneurysm microsurgeries

S.V. Tsilina, N.V. Govorova, V.N. Lukach et al.

Intensive diagnostics in medicine of critical states

V.G. Vasilkov, A.I. Safronov

Purpose and laboratory management of the perioperative hemostasis monitoring

E.A. Spiridonova, V.V. Schukin, P.A. Zharkov et al.

Acupan as an analgesic component of combined inhalational general anesthesia

V.S. Shyriaev, L.V. Musikhin, O.I. Bugrovskaya et al.


Acute spinal injury associated with benign spinal cord tumor in pregnant woman: case report

A.Yu. Lubnin, N.A. Konovalov, A.V. Shmigelskiy et al.

A single lung acute respiratory distress sindrome: a case report

R.A. Ibadov, L.A. Nazirova, Sh.N. Khudaybergenov et al.