A Clinical Case of Headaches after Spinal Anesthesia Conservative Treatment


R.E. Lakhin1 , D.A. Kadacki2 , V.G. Goncharov2 , R.R. Gaisin1

1 Military Medical Academy, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2 Military hospital No 413, Akhtubinsk, Russia

For correspondence: Roman E. Lakhin, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Military Medical Academy, Saint Petersburg, Russia; e-mail: doctor-lahin@yandex.ru

For citation: Lakhin RE, Kadacki DA, Goncharov VG, Gaisin RR. A Clinical Case of Headaches after Spinal Anesthesia Conservative Treatment. Intensive Care Herald. 2017;4:76–79. DOI:10.21320/1818-474X-2017-4-76-79

Introduction. We present a clinical case of conservative treatment for post-dural puncture headache. Conservative treatment is effective with caffeine, gabapentin, theophylline and hydrocortisone, other medicines need clarification (sumatriptan, adrenocorticotropic hormone, pregabalin). For sumatriptan a history of migraine headaches can be an indication. In this clinical case post-dural puncture headaches developed after spinal anesthesia for phlebectomy. The bed rest and caffeine administration have not succeeded. On the third day, after revealing history of migraine headaches, sumatriptan was prescribed: 50 mg orally along with the previous conservative therapy. In three hours the headache regressed. The second 50 mg of sumatriptan were given the following day. The headaches never came back. The patient was discharged on the 8th day. A phone call in a week after discharge showed the headaches did not come back. Conclusion. Thus, prescription of sumatriptan to the patient with a migraine headaches history showed high efficiency, allowing pain treatment, quick activity increase, significant health improvement.

Keywords: post dural puncture headache, clinical case, sumatriptan, spinal anesthesia

Received: 08.11.2017

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