Acute spinal injury associated with benign spinal cord tumor in pregnant woman: case report


A.Yu. Lubnin, N.A. Konovalov, A.V. Shmigelskiy, T.F. Tabassaranskiy, K.N. Avhlediany, I.A. Savin, R.A. Onoprienko, M.A. Martynova

Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution «Scientific and Research Institute of Neurosurgery named by an acad. N.N. Burdenko», Moscow

For citation: Lubnin AYu, Konovalov NA, Shmigelskiy AV et al. Acute spinal injury associated with benign spinal cord tumor in pregnant woman: case report. Intensive Care Herald. 2016;1:50–57.

A case of acute circulatory disorder of the spinal cord (level C3-C5) in pregnant woman (20 weeks) due to the bleeding of the endodermal cyst is reported. There weren’t any regression in neurologic symptoms despite the radical removal of the mentioned cyst and decompression of the spinal cord, probably due to the delayed operation. The patient died three months after the event due to infectious complications, remaining tetraplegic. Pregnancy was maintained and prolonged till 29 weeks. Pre-term ceasarean section was performed. Patient’s condition remained severe due to subependymal hemorrhage.

Keywords: acute disorder of the spinal blood circulation, endodermal cyst, pregnant woman, surgical removal, outcomes.


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