Comment on the article of V.M. Zhenilo et al. “Experience in the use of cerebral oximetry at the stages of early rehabilitation of patients with ischemic stroke”


A.A. Belkin

Department of Nervous Diseases and Anaesthesiology-Reanimatology of the Ural State Medical University, Ekaterinburg

For correspondence: Andrey A. Belkin — Dr. Med. Sci, Professor of the Department of Nervous Diseases and Anaesthesiology-Reanimatology of the Ural State Medical University, Ekaterinburg; e-mail:

For citation: Belkin A.A. Comment on the article of V.M. Zhenilo et al. “Experience in the use of cerebral oximetry at the stages of early rehabilitation of patients with ischemic stroke”. Alexander Saltanov Intensive Care Herald. 2018;4:86–87.

DOI: 10.21320/1818-474X-2018-4-86-87
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Received: 08.10.2018

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