Lumbar Paravertebral Blockade


V.A. Koryachkin, M.A. Liskov, M.P. Maltsev, M.I. Mohan

Vreden Russian Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Ministry of Health the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg

For citation: Koryachkin VA, Liskov MA, Maltsev MP, Mohan MI. Lumbar Paravertebral Blockade. Intensive Care Herald. 2016;2:74–79.

The article provides a review of the literature on lumbar paravertebral anesthesia. The history of the method, clinical anatomy of the lumbar plexus, nerve stimulator and US-guided technique were presented. Methods of prevention of complications of paravertebral blocks have been described.

Keywords: lumbar paravertebral anesthesia, clinical anatomy of the lumbar plexus, nerve stimulator, US-guided technique

Received: 09.05.2016


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