Change of the temperature balance of the brain in various types of general anesthesia

A.V. Butrov, K.A. Salimova, B.J. Torosyan, G.R. Makhmutova, P.P. Davydov Peoplesʼ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow For correspondence: Salimova Kamila Azatovna — resident Peoplesʼ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Moscow; e-mail: For citation: Butrov AV, Salimova KA, Torosyan BJ, Makhmutova GR, Davydov PP. Change of the temperature balance of the brain in various types of general anesthesia. Alexander Saltanov Intensive Care Herald. 2018;3:72–6. DOI: 10.21320/1818-474X-2018-3-72-76 […]

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