Intraoperative prevention of cognitive impairment in total intravenous anesthesia in school-age children: randomized clinical trial

A.V. Lugovoy, M.V. Panteleeva, E.D. Nadkina, A.M. Ovezov Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Clinical Research Institute, Moscow For correspondence: Alexandr V. Lugovoy — research fellow of Department of anesthesiology of Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Clinical Research Institute; e-mail: For citation: Lugovoy A.V., Panteleeva M.V., Nadkina E.D., Ovezov A.M. Intraoperative prevention of cognitive impairment in total intravenous anesthesia in school-age children: randomized clinical trial. Alexander Saltanov Intensive Care Herald. 2018;4:57–64. DOI: 10.21320/1818-474X-2018-4-57-64 Objective. To determine the possibility […]

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