Gastrointestinal Tract in Clinical Illness: the First Who Suffers, and the Last Who Recieves the Attention

V.A. Mazurok1, A.S. Golovkin1, A.E. Bautin1, I.I. Gorelov1, V.L. Belikov2, О.А. Slivin3 1 FGBI «SZFMITS named by V.A. Almazov» Ministry of Health, St.-Petersburg 2 FKUZ «Ministry of Emergency Situations Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region», St. Petersburg 3 GBUZ «Leningrad Regional Hospital», St. Petersburg For citation: Mazurok VA, Golovkin AS, Bautin AE, Gorelov II, Belikov VL, […]

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