Advertising policy

  1. The advertising policy of the journal  is based on the WAME Recommendations on Publication Ethics Policies for Medical Journals and the Law of the Russian Federation “On Advertising”.
  2.  The journal  generates revenue from advertising, which creates a potential conflict of interest. Editors’ decisions do not depend on the cost of advertising or producing reprints. Advertisers and sponsors have no influence over the editor’s decisions, regardless of the terms of advertising or other agreements.
  3.  The volume of advertising materials in the journal should not exceed 5%.
  4. Reprints should be published only in the form in which they were originally published in the journal (including subsequent corrections), so there should be no additions or changes in them.
  5. Advertisements in the journal must be related to products or drugs used in intensive care, medical education or scientific symposia.
  6. The content of special (additional) issues is regulated only by the decisions of the editor, sponsors or advertisers cannot influence its content. The articles in supplements underwent a standard peer review procedure.
  7. The functions of editor and advertising manager in the journal are separate.
  8. The editorial board of the journal does not accept for consideration and does not print advertising articles (both on a reimbursable and free basis).
  9. Commercial advertisements must not appear adjacent to any editorial or article that discusses the advertised product, nor must they contain references to the issue of the journal in which they appear.
  10. Advertising content must be distinguished from editorial and other materials so that the difference between them is obvious.
  11. The publisher does not allow any advertising campaigns to draw attention to the treatment or drugs associated with a particular article. Advertisers in the ad module cannot link to scientific articles using keywords.
  12. Ads must not be deceiving or misleading. Advertising should not exaggerate the actual characteristics of the advertised product. Ads must not contain offensive considerations of a religious, racial, or religious nature.
  13. The editors reserve the right to reject any advertising material damaging the reputation of the publisher or inappropriate to the content of the journal .
  14. The decision to publish an advertisement is made only with the participation of the editor and the editorial board of the journal .