Perioperative management of patients with adrenal insufficiency
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adrenal insufficiency
perioperative management
hypoadrenal crisis

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Dunts PV, Li OE, Shumatov VB Perioperative management of patients with adrenal insufficiency. Annals of Critical Care. 2019;(2):58–65. doi:10.21320/1818-474X-2019-2-58-65.


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The article is a review of modern publications covering the issues of adrenal insufficiency in patients in the periopreparative period. The article covers the issues of epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis, presents algorithms for examining patients with adrenal insufficiency. Topical issues such as the perioperative management of patients receiving steroid hormone replacement therapy, depending on the incidence of the operation and the problems of the hypoadrenal crisis are considered.
PDF_2019-2_58-65 (Русский)
HTML_2019-2_58-65 (Русский)


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